What Am I Trying To Say Here?

As with all photographs and also with all blog posts I often have to remind myself to ask “What is it I am trying to say here?”. With individual photos or sets of photos this may affect whether I convert the photos to black and white, whether I increase the colour saturation or whether I […]

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The Port of Dover

The port of Dover, while not being a place you can just visit, not being a World Heritage Site, and not being an instantly recognisable scene photographed by endless tourists is a place that everyone in the UK knows of, hears regularly about on the news and knows exactly where it is. That being said […]

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Leeds Parkinson Building

Although Leeds in West Yorkshire has many architectural gems if asked to name one iconic building in or near the city centre I suspect that most people would come up with one of three choices – the Corn Exchange, the Town Hall, or the Parkinson Building. There may be quite a few votes for Kirkgate […]

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And They Say Romance Is Dead?

Verona. The setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. A short distance from the stunning shores of Lake Garda. How much more romantic could a city possibly be? Speaking of Juliet you can, along with thousands of others, visit her house, view “that” balcony, pose for a picture next to a […]

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Liverpool Waterfront

The Waterfront area of Liverpool is one of those rare places where no matter which way you turn you can’t put your camera down. I don’t know of another area where there is such a concentration of astounding architecture. The regeneration of Liverpool in recent decades has created an area of contrasting architecture – old […]

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