Where Do I Start?

So where do I start with this blog? How about with one of my favourite shots. This was taken two thirds of the way up an active volcano – Mount Etna in Sicily. The views were obviously spectacular from such a high vantage point but what was more interesting to me was how barren it was up there, life is unable to take hold in such conditions. As we were walking back to the cable car I noticed this family walking towards us wearing jackets that you could rent from the cable car company. As they walked past I swung my lens round and quickly took this shot. I have to admit that I put no thought into the composition as I still feel self-conscious when taking photos of strangers and I didn’t want them to notice me taking pictures of them. This is the only shot I took and I was really pleased with it.

Lost – click to enlarge


There is a lot of different things I like about this shot – the three bands of grey, the family walking off into nowhere looking a bit lost, and the ridiculously large waterproof that the kid is wearing along with his hat and sunglasses.

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