Waiting For The Catch

The woods presented plenty of photo opportunities on this misty morning. The spiders had obviously been very active the previous night as there were many webs in the trees and bushes. This spider was waiting patiently at the centre of it’s web for dinner to come along.

Waiting for the Catch
Waiting for the Catch – click to enlarge


It is not the spider or even the web that I like about this photograph, it is the background and the way my superb Nikon 50mm f1.8 has blurred it. If you haven’t got one of these lenses I cannot recommend one enough. You could get a 50mm f1.4 but it costs over twice as much and apparently isn’t quite as sharp. You could get a second hand f1.8 on ebay but they generally go for around £60-£70. I got my brand new autofocus model with a 1 year warranty for only £85. You don’t need the autofocus because when the depth of field is so shallow you will usually need to use manual focus anyway but for the sake of £25 you may as well get a new one. I hardly use any other lens now.

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