Christmas Party Shoot

I’ve volunteered to be the “official photographer” at my work’s Christmas party on Saturday. Whether this is a foolish thing to do or not only time will tell! I don’t want to come away with a load of snaps which anyone could have taken, what I would really like is if people at work see the results and compliment me on my photography skills – it’s always great to hear people saying “you should do this professionally” even if it is completely unrealistic for me to do so.

I’m going to have to do some research I think to see how to get the best from such an occasion with the limited equipment I have got (a Nikon D80, 50mm f1.8 lens, 18-55mm lens, SB400 Speedlight). Here is what I think I need to do to make an impression:

  • Don’t get drunk! At least not till I have bagged enough quality shots.
  • Try and find some interesting angles rather than just lots of shots of people pulling faces at the camera.
  • Bounce the flash to avoid red-eye and to create a more natural shot.
  • Take spare batteries for the flash.
  • Be relaxed – this will help make the subject of the shot relaxed.
  • Take some shots of people without them knowing so that they are not posing for the camera.

Any advice will be more than welcome, I will let you know how it goes next week!

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