Bubble Cars

Last weekend we went on a day trip on the Keighley And Worth Valley Railway which is a great day out and offers plenty of photo opportunities. We got off the train at the end of the line (Oxenhope) for a picnic and found an even more surprising photo opportunity. In the car park were about ten bubble cars (or micro cars as I think they are more correctly called).

Quite what a monkey is doing driving the above car I don’t know but I have included  the above picture so that you get an idea of what type of car I am talking about.

I didn’t have a great deal of time to spend taking photos but I did try and find some interesting angles – mostly though it was the colours and shapes which caught my eye.

I especially like the colour of the BMW below, it’s just a shame that the car wasn’t a little bit cleaner, not that I am saying it was particularly dirty but the smears do show up when looking closely at the picture. Stumbling across these cars just reminded me why you should always carry a camera with you – you never know what you may find.

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