Back Online!

I know I know, it’s been six months since my last post and you probably thought this blog was dead but it is time to resurrect it. My enthusiasm for photography has never gone away, I think my enthusiasm for blogging/tweeting/social networking has waned though. Certainly I hardly spend any time on Facebook any more, Google+ failed to inspire me, and Twitter often seems like a waste of time but I do want to continue adding to this blog. One of the main problems with trying to create an online presence is simply the amount of time you spend at your computer rather than taking photographs – without those photos an online presence is pointless. I just need to get the balance right – spend more time getting good quality shots, then spend a little time sharing them online.

So what have I been up to in the last six months? I will soon be posting blogs about two subjects, the first continues on from my last post, the second is a logical follow on from that.

In my last post on this blog I said I had decided to save up for a Nikon FM3A film camera, well I couldn’t find a bargain and money was tight so unfortunately an FM3A was out of my reach. However after researching things a bit further I found I could afford something almost as good and so I have purchased an almost mint condition Nikon FE. I will let you know soon how I have got on with it.

Following on from that purchase I have been gathering bits and pieces from eBay and am now in a position to develop my own film rather than send them off for processing, I will hopefully be getting the chemicals I need this week. The end goal is to have my own darkroom but that is not likely to happen soon. Anyway, I will post about this soon too.

Thanks for looking.


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