Apply Some Common Sense

There seems to be a big debate at the moment regarding the LCD screens of the new Nikon D800 and D4 cameras. There are posts on Flickr and NikonRumors discussing the “green cast” that these new cameras seem to show, whether this is a production problem, how to fix it in the configuration settings and when a firmware update will be available from Nikon. In reply Nikon have claimed that it isn’t a problem at all and that the LCD screens on the D800 and D4 are more accurate and reproduce colours better than older cameras such as the D700 and D3s.

So who is right? Is there a problem like many users are claiming or are the new cameras more accurate as Nikon claim? Well rather than prolong the debate any longer than necessary surely there is a simple way to find out – take a shot on a D800, take a shot on a D700, then use your eyes to see which LCD displays an image which looks most like what is in front of you. No need for arguments, no need for counter arguments, the answer will be clear to see. Arguments such as this have a definitive answer with no room for opinion just scientific fact – is the LCD displaying images more accurately or not?

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