New Photography Blog

This may well look like a new photography blog but it is actually a revamp/redesign/rebranding of my old blog – “I Used To Think I Was A Scientist”. All posts from there have been imported into here. I think this design is much better and easier on the eye and, bearing in mind that this is a photography blog, the way the blog is presented is extremely important.

I also wanted to change the name of the blog since the name of the previous blog was more about me than about the subject and so I wanted to change that. Finding a suitable name was far more difficult than anticipated though, the domains for nearly every name and variation of those names were already taken. Among the names I liked were:

  • The Focal Point
  • Viewfinder
  • In Focus
  • Wide Angle
  • Photo Perspectives
  • Shutter Speed

Ideally I wanted the subdomain to be available on WordPress but also the full .com domain to be available so that in the near future I would not need to use the domain, however for the above ideas this proved to be impossible. The closest subdomain I could get for Through The Lens was “photottl” which is not ideal but will do.

Anyway thanks for looking, watch this space and I hope you become a regular visitor.

Richard Knaggs.

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