Pushing Full Frame

Looking at Nikon’s marketing from the last few months it is clear that they are really pushing their customers to upgrade from DX sensor cameras to full frame cameras – the D4 has replaced the D3s, the D800 has replaced the D700 (and arguably the D3x), it is heavily rumoured that the next camera to be released (the D600) will be an entry level full frame camera. Nikon have released the cropped sensor D3200 but this seemed to go largely unnoticed in the media.

So what is going on? Why are Nikon trying to get everyone to spend a load of money on a new full frame camera and hence also have to replace their DX lenses when everyone in the world knows that we are in the midst of the biggest global recession since the Great Depression? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Nikon to be pushing the D3200 and to be releasing new DX lenses which cost only a fraction of what full frame equipment costs? Isn’t an “entry level full frame camera” an oxymoron anyway?

As much as I love dreaming about these new cameras there is no way in the world I could afford one and I am sure that is the case for an ever increasing number of Nikon’s customers.


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