Keeping The Kids Interested

They say “never work with animals or children” – I am sure that is far easier said than done for many professional photographers as family portraits and weddings inevitably involve children. I suppose this phrase could equally apply to all walks of life, as an IT Director I regularly have to work with people who can only be described as animals or who behave like children but that is another story.

I’ve lost the point of this blog entry… ah yes – keeping the kids interested.

Don't drop it!
Don’t drop it!

It would be easy for my kids to get sick of me asking them to pose or it would be easy for them to refuse to smile. Wherever we go as a family I always have one, sometimes two, cameras with me and am always wanting to capture the moment. Luckily both of my boys are usually quite happy to pose. Lewis is always a bit more nonchalant which is fine because I get a different type of picture than of William who always stops what he is doing a smiles directly at the camera.

Serious photographer
Serious photographer

Every now and again one of the lads asks me about my camera or wants to take a photo themselves. I have always tried to encourage this as I want them to be interested in photography, or at least I don’t want them to start resenting me stopping every five minutes to take a picture of something. It is worrying handing over a few hundred pounds worth of photographic equipment to a five year old though it is less worrying than handing it over to a three year old which is obviously what I used to do.

Useless brand advertising
Useless brand advertising

I am happy to hand over my Nikon D80 – it is easy to use, relatively light, and they can see the results instantly. If they drop it I can’t afford to replace it but that’s a risk I am willing to take (at least some of the time). If they ask to take a picture using my Nikon FE I explain that it is difficult to use (relatively) and doesn’t have a picture on the back which they seem to accept.

I am sure that one day soon they will ask the valid question “why bother with a film camera?” and I will have to think of an answer which they will hopefully understand but for the time being they are happy accepting that their dad drags a camera bag around with him and regularly stops to point a lens at something seemingly pointless.

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