New Blog Name

Readers of this blog may have noticed that the title has changed recently to “Richard Knaggs Photography” and that the domain name is now While the previous title of “Through The Lens” was OK I was never happy with the domain name of, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a name which I was happy with and which had an corresponding domain name which was available. Names aren’t a problem since you can call your WordPress blog whatever you want but a real limitation is the lack of available domain names. I found that whatever domain I wanted was already taken by someone else even if they didn’t actually have an active blog.


So that left me with two options – a poor WordPress domain name or buy my own domain name. I had been considering the latter for a while but two things prompted me to take the plunge. Firstly hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) became available including “.photography” and “.photo”. The last thing I wanted was for some other Richard Knaggs to snap up before I did. OK that may be fairly unlikely but there are more people called Knaggs out there than you think! The second reason for buying this domain name is that I am going be posting to this blog more often than I have done in the past – I will let you know why in my next post.

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