OK it’s a few days late but this was the first chance I have had to get these processed and uploaded. I also know that this wasn’t the post I said I was going to do next but I thought it best to get this one in before we all forget that Halloween just happened.

The Undead
The Undead – click to enlarge

I am quite pleased with how the above picture came out, it is one of those which is a bit accidental. Taken in the Dragon Quest section of Alnwick Castle in Northumbria it is obviously dark and scary in there! Because my Nikon D80 is poor in low light and because I was using a kit lens I could not set a high shutter speed which meant that I got a fair amount of motion blur, it turns out that this gives a really creepy dynamic feel to the shot which is perfect for this subject.

Boo! – click to enlarge

The above shot is another from Dragon Quest at Alnwick Castle. It is well worth a visit though I would recommend going on a nice sunny day when there are activities outside as ticket prices are not cheap.

Pirate's Grave
Pirate’s Grave – click to enlarge

Not from Alnwick Castle this time, this one is actually a real gravestone from the graveyard next to Lindisfarne Priory. It was really difficult to make out the wording so I have no idea why someone would want to put a scary scull and crossbones on a gravestone.

More photos from my recent trip to Northumbria to come but these are the scary ones! Belated Happy Halloween!

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