A Foggy Day at Ogden Water

I’ve walked around Ogden Water, which is high on the hill between Keighley and Halifax, a few times with my family. It’s a good walk for kids – not too taxing or long – but I’ve always found it to be a bit boring from a photographer’s point of view. This weekend however was different – it was so foggy on the drive up there that you could hardly see the road in front of you. So not being able to see much is hardly likely to improve the chances of getting some good shots is it? What I found though was that I took more photos that day than on all my previous visits put together.

Ogden Water 1
Ogden Water – click to enlarge

The fog made it much more atmospheric and lends itself well to black and white photography.

Ogden Water 2
Ogden Water – click to enlarge

Being the end of Autumn also helped as the trees are mostly bare giving strong shapes but the leaves are still on the ground providing a more interesting texture.

Ogden Water 3
Ogden Water – click to enlarge

All the photos taken that day are digital – taken with my Nikon D80. I did take my Nikon FE with me but left it in the bag mainly because I don’t have a wide angle lens, the widest I have got is 50mm. I do keep an eye out for second hand 20mm or 24mm lenses but thanks to eBay second hand prices are now ridiculous. You can get a brand new Nikon 24mm AF-D for not much more than a second hand manual focus version. Even so, I suspect I wouldn’t get the use out of it to justify the price.

Ogden Water 4
Ogden Water – click to enlarge

Here is a colour shot just to mix things up a bit, the Autumn colours are still present but, as you know, black and white is more my cup of tea.

Ogden Water 5
Ogden Water – click to enlarge

That’s all for now. I am keeping a couple of other shots taken here for my next post as they are a different style but still take advantage of the fog.

Thanks for looking.


2 thoughts on “A Foggy Day at Ogden Water

  1. Great photos. I love the first and third shots especially. I agree that the fog lends itself to black and white — the tones are lovely.

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