Christmas in Haworth

I thought I had better get this post done before we leave Christmas behind for another year. A couple of weeks ago I went out with a friend for our regular evening of photography, chat, beer, and curry (usually in that order too). We often seem to arrange our outings to coincide with the foulest weather that Yorkshire can throw at us but that is fine, it just means that the rain or the frostbite drives us to the pub a bit earlier than anticipated.

On this particular evening we chose to return to Haworth which is always great to photograph and is even more photogenic at Christmas. I’ve only got a couple of photos to show you in this post and I can’t really take any artistic credit for either of them.

Haworth Window 1
Haworth Window 1 – click to enlarge

Apologies to the owner of the shop who has put so much time and effort into their Christmas display but I can’t remember which shop it was and so I can’t credit them properly. I’m sure the display is still there so have a wander up Haworth Main Street and you will see this near the top of the hill opposite the Black Bull pub.

Haworth Window 2
Haworth Window 2 – click to enlarge

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