Picking Over The Bones

The demolition of the Bradford and Bingley building (which I talked about in the post Goodbye and Good Riddance?) which stands right in the centre of Bingley is now well under way and it looks like in a couple of weeks time all that will be left will be a large pile of rubble.

Bradford & Bingley 1
Bradford & Bingley 1 – click to enlarge

I didn’t really know what to expect when they said that demolition would start soon as I have never seen a building such as this get demolished. Would they dynamite it all in one go? Take big swings at it with a giant ball? If not how would they go about it?

Bradford & Bingley 2
Bradford & Bingley 2 – click to enlarge

The answer is that they carefully and meticulously knock bits off it with a jack-hammer type device on the end of a crane. They are basically consuming it from the outside and work their way towards the centre.

Bradford & Bingley 3
Bradford & Bingley 3 – click to enlarge

It’s quite a sight to behold in the centre of a small market town and has made the building more interesting to look at than it ever was when it was whole.

Bradford & Bingley 4
Bradford & Bingley 4 – click to enlarge

As the skeletal frame of the building is slowly revealed you can, in parts, see right through it. Former employees can see rooms that never saw the light of day though only for a short time before the jack-hammer reduces them to rubble.

Bradford & Bingley 5
Bradford & Bingley 5 – click to enlarge

Very soon the building will be gone and I am yet to find a single Bingley resident who will be sorry to see it go.

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