Birds of Prey

This was the second time I had been to Warwick Castle (well worth the relatively pricey ticket if it is good weather and you spend the whole day there) and the second time I had seen the bird of prey display. I’ve seen such displays at a few other places but none of them come close to how good this one is.

Duck! Owl! Click to enlarge

Twice a day the biggest birds you have ever seen take it in turns to come swooping inches over your head. I can’t remember exactly what they are other than generic terms such as owl or eagle but believe me they were really impressive.

Eagle – click to enlarge

The problem I had with trying to photograph these very fast moving birds is that I have a digital camera that is useless when you crank up the ISO above 400 and I don’t have a fast lens longer than 50mm but I am relatively pleased with these shots.

Owl – click to enlarge

The shot below of the Bald Eagle (it is a Bald Eagle isn’t it?) was taken with a film camera – a Nikon FE loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus – which, in certain situations, provides much better detail and tones than digital.

Bald Eagle – click to enlarge

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