Whitby Harbour

Whitby is one of my favourite places to visit and I have been there many times over the last few years. For such a small town it has a surprising number of locations at which a photographer could spend hours snapping away. From the Old Town, to the beach, to the Abbey, and of course the harbour which is the reason for Whitby’s existence.

Whitby 1
Whitby 1 – click to enlarge

The design of the harbour walls are, to my knowledge, unique. I have certainly never seen a similar harbour anywhere else. Maybe it is due to the fact that the harbour is in fact the estuary for the River Esk rather than just being a bay? I don’t know the reason why there are two “extra” curved sections which are separated from the end of the main harbour walls.

Whitby 2
Whitby 2 – click to enlarge

There are three obvious places from which to photograph the harbour – from the harbour walls themselves, from a boat for a close-up view, and from near the Abbey for an almost birds-eye view. Just make sure that if you are going up to the Abbey you aren’t carrying too much equipment up the 199 steps!

Whitby 3
Whitby 3 – click to enlarge

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