Along The Towpath

As mentioned in my last post – Salt’s Mill by Night – I kept back another set of photos which were taken one hundred metres further along the Leeds-Liverpool canal towpath. This second set of photos were of no particular subject other than the dramatic light flooding through the trees and through the mist.

Towpath 1
Towpath 1 – click to enlarge

After reviewing the results one of the biggest problems I had was deciding which shots to post and which not to. Usually I don’t take enough decent photos to have this issue so I suppose it is a nice problem to have!

Towpath 2
Towpath 2 – click to enlarge

It takes time to go through a set of photos and decide which ones are worth publishing and which are not. On this particular occasion I had around twenty shots left once I had deleted any blurred or badly exposed photos. Of these twenty many were very similar and so it was even more difficult deciding which decent shots to get rid of as there is no point diluting the impact of a shot by posting almost identical images.

Towpath 3 - click to enlarge
Towpath 3

Recently I read a piece of very good advice about how to decide what to publish. I wish I could remember where I read it so I could give the author credit unfortunately I can’t recall where it was from. The advice was:

If you are not sure if a photo is any good then it isn’t.

Harsh but generally true. A good photo will be immediately apparent, whereas anything you are undecided about is not going to be good no matter how long you look at it.

Towpath 4
Towpath 4 – click to enlarge


Towpath 5
Towpath 5 – click to enlarge

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