Citroën Graveyard

I’m not a big car enthusiast nor am I an aficionado of design but when I came across this collection of rusting Citroëns it immediately struck me just how different these cars were to anything that came before or have come since.

Citroen 1 – click to enlarge

Tucked away behind Dalton Mills in Keighley these relics of a bygone motoring era have long since been stripped of anything valuable and are now just left to rot.

Citroen 2 – click to enlarge

I’ve never owned a Citroën but they are extremely distinctive. It is as if the French designers, with a stereotypical Gallic shrug, said “This is a French car. It is not like your cars. so if you don’t like it…”.

Citroen 3 – click to enlarge

From what I remember these cars (is it a Citroën DS?) had a button which when pressed lowered and raised the rear suspension. I remember seeing this in action as a kid and thinking “Wow! How futuristic is this?!”. Quite what the point of it was I don’t know, and since no other manufacturer has ever done the same I suspect there was actually little point to it.

Citroen 4 – click to enlarge

So now these cars sit behind a Yorkshire mill awaiting what?

Citroen 5 – click to enlarge

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