An Indian Adventure – Part 3 – Street Life

One thing you can say about Indian street life is that it is never boring. On our recent tour of India we were a bit apprehensive about the long coach journeys – some journeys turned out to be six or even eight hours long. In many countries, including England, the thought of spending hour after hour on a coach staring out of the window would be extremely off-putting to say the least. In India this was certainly not the case.

Some of these shots were taken while walking the streets while others were taken from the coach window as we passed by. In both cases the pace of life is such that you have no time to think – blink and you miss it.

After a few false starts where the end result was a badly framed or, even worse, a blurred shot I decided to go back to basics – a 50mm prime lens set at f/8. There simply wasn’t time to zoom and make decisions about the aperture.

One of the great things about travelling round India is that the locals are as interested in who you are and what you are doing as you are in them and what their lives are like.

That obviously makes it much easier when pointing a camera in a stranger’s direction. Some people ignore you and carry on doing what you are doing, others grin at you and wave, very very few give you the feeling that you are being intrusive.

If you missed my previous posts about India you can Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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