Rhossili Bay – A New Film/Developer Combination

An afternoon spent on the beach at Rhossili Bay in South Wales provided an opportunity to test a new film and developer combination. For the past few years I have been settled on using Kodak Tri-X developed with Rodinal (or more specifically R09 one-shot developer). While I am generally happy with the results of this […]

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The Dark Arts

To find out how to develop film you can spend literally days trawling through Flickr discussion groups, blogs, and websites trying to find a definitive answer.I can save you a bit of time here – there is no definitive answer.

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Nikon FE

In a previous post Back To Basics I mentioned that I had decided to purchase a Nikon FM3A as long as I could find a bargain on eBay. Well, after many weeks of looking I came to the conclusion that I simply wasn’t going to be able to afford an FM3A in decent condition, I hadn’t […]

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