All Aboard The Hogwarts Express

“All aboard The Hogwarts Express!!!” “Where is it Daddy?” “That’s it, right here.” “It doesn’t look like it, and it is supposed to leave from platform 9¾.” “Err well, the government took the rail franchise off the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and gave it to some Muggles so it now looks like a 2006 […]

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North East Icons

I’ve still got a load of shots to process from a trip to the North East of England last October. Until I get that done here are a couple of new shots from our short visit to Newcastle and Gateshead plus a reworking of a previous shot to the same area.

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Christmas in Haworth

I thought I had better get this post done before we leave Christmas behind for another year. A couple of weeks ago I went out with a friend for our regular evening of photography, chat, beer, and curry (usually in that order too). We often seem to arrange our outings to coincide with the foulest […]

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Haworth 1940’s Weekend

Back in May (I know I’ve taken ages to get these photos sorted) Haworth held its annual 1940s weekend where it seems that the whole world descends on the village in Yorkshire to celebrate that particular decade. The event itself is not without controversy since many of the people who come in costume come as […]

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Abandoned in Shipley Glen

Shipley Glen in West Yorkshire is often touted as a great attraction and despite living in the area for years and working in Shipley too I had never actually been. I knew there was a tramway which used to be a major attraction from Victorian times but it has been disused for a few years […]

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Tyne Abstracts

As mentioned in my last post here are some photos from my recent visit to Newcastle Upon Tyne. Despite the fact that it was the end of January the weather was crisp and clear giving me the opportunity to take some shots in the sunshine with relatively clear skies.   The walk along Newcastle Quayside […]

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