Fender Stratocaster

In the summer of 1989 when I was eighteen years old I decided to pick up my Dad’s nylon stringed classical guitar and see what I could do with it. As a kid I have a few vague memories of my Dad playing the guitar but it had mostly been sitting in our house untouched. […]

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A Tale of Two Mills

The West Yorkshire area is littered with architectural wonders from the Industrial Revolution although unfortunately it seems that one more gets burned down with every week that passes. Dalton Mills in Keighley is one such mill which was partially destroyed by fire in 2011 but thankfully the majority of it was saved and is either […]

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Along The Towpath

As mentioned in my last post – Salt’s Mill by Night – I kept back another set of photos which were taken one hundred metres further along the Leeds-Liverpool canal towpath. This second set of photos were of no particular subject other than the dramatic light flooding through the trees and through the mist. After […]

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Vive Le Tour!

It’s old news I know but I have finally got around to posting this blog item! We all know how amazing the weekend of the Tour de France in Yorkshire was, I think it surpassed everyone’s expectations. As an avid photographer at first sight it seemed like an amazing opportunity to get some good pictures […]

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New Photography Blog

This may well look like a new photography blog but it is actually a revamp/redesign/rebranding of my old blog – “I Used To Think I Was A Scientist”. All posts from there have been imported into here. I think this design is much better and easier on the eye and, bearing in mind that this […]

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Back Online!

I know I know, it’s been six months since my last post and you probably thought this blog was dead but it is time to resurrect it. My enthusiasm for photography has never gone away, I think my enthusiasm for blogging/tweeting/social networking has waned though. Certainly I hardly spend any time on Facebook any more, […]

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