Here are links to web pages that I find interesting:

Photography – Photos from this blog along with a few other random shots that don’t really fit in to any blog post. – I can recommend Alan Carmichael if you need a professional photographer. – OK I know that Ken Rockwell seems to be a pretty divisive character among photography enthusiasts and you probably won’t agree with absolutely everything that he says (I know I don’t) but I find his website informative, useful and entertaining. Ken makes his living from this website which is more than I do and I would bet more than 99.99% of his detractors can’t say that either. Keep up the good work Ken! – Thom Hogan’s website is a goldmine of information for Nikon users and photographers in general. – Want to know what is coming from Nikon? Here is your answer.

Other – The most entertaining and outrageous stories on the net. Read it now! – One of my other passions is cycling and you don’t get a more informative website than this one.