Christmas in Haworth

I thought I had better get this post done before we leave Christmas behind for another year. A couple of weeks ago I went out with a friend for our regular evening of photography, chat, beer, and curry (usually in that order too). We often seem to arrange our outings to coincide with the foulest […]

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Lessons Learned

Overall the Christmas Party shoot at the weekend went quite well, I took some good shots, the boss was generally pleased with what I did and the feedback has been positive from everyone who has seen the pics. The boss can’t complain anyway since he wasn’t paying me to do it!   As with most […]

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Christmas Party Shoot

I’ve volunteered to be the “official photographer” at my work’s Christmas party on Saturday. Whether this is a foolish thing to do or not only time will tell! I don’t want to come away with a load of snaps which anyone could have taken, what I would really like is if people at work see […]

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