Here is £2000 – Spend It Wisely

Imagine you are looking in the window of your local camera shop and Bill Gates walks up to you and says “I’m the richest man in the world, here is £2000 in cash, go into that shop and spend it”. What would you buy?

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Bargain of the Year!

On a recent shopping trip to Leeds I had some time to spare so wandered into PCWorld to have a look at the shiny new gadgets that I could never afford such as an Apple Macbook Pro or a Nikon D700. While browsing in the photography department I spotted a display of cable releases which […]

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Hard Earned Cash

As an (ex?)scientist you would expect me to be interested in technology and to avidly consume any information about new photographic equipment and you would be right. I love reading about the latest cameras, the specifications and performance of lenses, the weight and stability of tripods etc. I can’t pass a window of a camera […]

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